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A Simple Way to Have Online Meetings

Unified Meeting is a web conferencing solution with a wide range of features to turn everyday meetings into interactive meetings with a simple click of the mouse.

>> Scheduling

  • Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes Integration

Send participants invitations from your Outlook or Lotus Notes Calendar for easy, one-click access to your meeting.

  • Reservationless Meeting Room

Host your remote meetings without the hassles of making reservations.  All moderators receive their own meeting room that's always open for collaboration.

>> Joining

  • Easy Participant Access

Participants can easily join your meeting - no plug-ins or downloads required!  They can join from all major browsers and operating systems.

For presenter capabilities and desktop video, they must download the Unified Meeting application prior to joining the meeting.

>> Conducting

  • Integration with Reservationless Conferencing

Let this unique audio feature automatically dial out to you and all participants when the conference begins, eliminating the need to remember dial-in numbers and meeting access information.

  • Audio Broadcasting

Allow meeting participants to listen to the audio conference using their computer speakers.

  • Customizable Meeting Interface

Customizable meeting interface options provide users with flexibility to control their user iterface.  Choose the "panels" that are displayed in your meeting interface, which can be expanded, collapsed and resized.  Unified Meeting remembers your panel display for each subsequent meeting.

  • Full Screen

Set participants fo Full Screen to maximize viewing space for sharing applications, showing PowerPoint presentations or leading a Web Tour.

  • Recoding

Create a fully synchronized archive that replicates your live meeting, including all visuals, annotation, polling, audio and video.

>> Visual Communication

  • Show PowerPoint Presentations

Show uploaded PowerPoint presentations to your audience via presentation mode which preserves your presentations slide transitions and animations.  You can also upload a PowerPoint presentation before and during your meeting.

  • Application Sharing

Share any application from your computer or share your entire desktop.  Grant control to authorized participants to edit your shared documents while in the meeting.

  • Web Tour

Conduct a web tour in your meeting, which allows participants to navigate and click on the live web site you are sharing.  Pull from your existing bookmarks while keeping them private from your participants.

  • Desktop Video

Moderators and participants can view and broadcast live video in a meeting using a standard desktop video webcam.

Participants can control whose video to view or moderator can control the video broadcast view.

  • Full Screen Mode

Set your participants view to Full Screen so the presentation or application you are sharing fits their entire screen.

>> Participant Interaction and Management

  • Chat

Send instant messages to an individual or a group without interrupting the meeting.

  • Survey, Quiz, Poll

Gain immediate feedback from participants using polling questions and publish results in the meeting.

Gather feedback and test your participants' knowledge by creating surveys and quizzes that can be displayed in the meeting or upon meeting exit/entry.

Use easy-to-access reports to track survey/quiz/poll responses in Conference Manager.

  • Instant Messenger Quick Invite

Easily invite participants to your meeting, even after it has started, with a simple mouse click using the following Instant Messenger applications:

    • MSN/Windows Live Messenger
    • Lotus Sametime Instant Messenger
    • Microsoft Office Communicator Instant Messenger
  • Participant List

View the voice and web connectivity status of your participants using the Participant list in your online web meeting interface.

  • Emoticons

Participants can provide instant feedback to the moderator using a variety of emoticons included in the participant meeting interface.

>> Advanced Security

  • SSL Encryption

Enhanced meeting security is provided via 128-bi SSSL encryption.

  • Security Passcodes

Add an additional layer of security with moderator-created security codes unique to each meeting.

  • Close Meeting Room Door

Prevent unauthorized access to your conference and limit disruptions by "closing the door" to your meeting.

>> Post-meeting Administration

  • Stored Documents

Upload and access PowerPoint Presentations, Surveys, Quizzes, Polls, Images, Web Tours and Files that can be used during your meetings.

  • Online Reporting

View detailed reports from your meetings with information on duration of the meeting, number of participants, participant name, and survey or quiz results.

  • Archived Recordings

After the meeting you can access and playback hosted or zip archives.  You can send participants archive email links and choose to password protect them.  Detailed reports show who has accessed your recorded conference and how long it was viewed.